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Ok, so tonight I went to the closing event of the Symphony of the Americas' Summerfest Festival, a joined event with the Reményi Ede Chamber Orchestra , with James Brooks-Bruzzese as guest Conductor. The program consisted in Mozart's playful "Divertimento K. 136", Bocherinni's beautiful but rarely performed "Sinfonia No. 6 in D minor.Op. 12/4"-(I LOVED it!)-Piazzolla's "Contrabajeando for String Orchestra" and "Libertango for String Orchestra", both arranged by Ricardo Roel-(not my favorite pieces of the night...never been a fan of tangos...)-and to close a "piece by Aaron Copland"-(in the conductor's words, and correctly identified by me to my friend as "Rodeo"! :clapping: ). I prepared myself all fancy and everything, and when I got there, I realized that the concert was to be held in an amphitheater, so I ended up down on the grass enjoying Mozart while digesting quite a few pieces of spicy chicken wings...!-(not too glamorous, I know... :blushing: ).

Anyway..I had a great time. :thumbsup:

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