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Bolshoi Ballet publicity photo

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Newspaper "designers" strike again, cutting out two of six Bolshoi ballerinas as they landed to perform in NYC for the first time.

as the caption says they are left to right: Ekaterina Maximova (with her profile obliterated by cropping white-out, Marin Kondratieva, Maya Plisetskaya, Raissa Struchkova, Liudmila Bogomolova, and (also set outside the crop marks) Nina Timofeyeva. At least the captioning got all the names correctly. And even given the crude, know-nothing newspaper handling, the photo shows this famous sextet to be especially youthful looking.

the now legendary Metropolitan Opera House opening night on Apr. 16, 1959 with Ulanova and Zhdanov in ROMEO AND JULIET (interesting Ulanova's not pictured with her colleagues) took place four days after this photo was taken.

also noticeable is the name for the airport: Idlewild, eventually changed to JFK.

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