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David Lichine and Nana Gollner in "Spring Night"

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I came across this interesting clip of David Lichine and Nana Gollner from 1935. Lichine is a name that always pops up at some point in all the autobiographies of the "old timers"-(Danilova, Tallchief, Baronova, Zorina, etc...). He seems to have had quite a reputation as a womanizer within the ballet world according to some of this accounts. Anyway...I think this is the first time I see him "moving"-(seen pics before, but never a clip). I hope you'll enjoy this strange little film.

From the Youtube poster:

"This is an early experimental ballet film - choreographed and danced by David Lichine and the beautiful American dancer Nana Gollner in 1935. The score is from Joseph Achron, who also wrote Hebrew Melody. His friend the composer Arnold Schönberg described Achron in his obituary as "one of the most underrated modern composers". This film's creative origins lie in the Diaghilev sphere of influence.

Produced by Adolf Zucker, long-lived pioneer of the film industry. Made in 1935, only 6 years after the death of Diaghilev. Lichine danced with and choreographed for Colonel de Basil's Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Elegant camera work by George Clemens, who went on to do the cinematography for the Twilight Zone and other popular television shows.

The conductor, C. Bakaleinikoff, was a Russian-born composer. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory. Following the Russian revolution he migrated to the United States of America with his older brother, composer Mischa Bakaleinikoff.

David Lichine was married to Tania Riabuchinska, one of Balanchine's Baby Ballerinas".

Faune - David Lichine

Young Girl - Nana Gollner

The Chef - Micheal Visaroff

The Father - Charles Arnt

Music - Joseph Achron

Cinematography - George T. Clemens

Photographer - Ned Scott

Orchestrator - Edward B. Powell

Conductor - C. Bakaleinikoff

Choreographer - David Lichine

Producer - Adolf Zucker

Director - Tatiana Tuttle

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