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Alice Reid obituary

After meeting Romanian emigre Vergiu Cornea she co-founded the Ithaca Civic Ballet in 1959, precursor to the now Ithaca Ballet Company. For the next 50 years, Alice nurtured and cultivated the fledgling ballet company, creating costumes for hundreds of ballets, using her painting skills to create more than two dozen backdrops, and making choreographies for countless ballets. Foremost in Alice's mind was that the ballet company must have a studio home, and a theater to perform in, both of which she accomplished. For more than half a century, keeping the ballet alive and vibrant was Alice's greatest love and most fervent interest. It was here, as a ballet teacher, with a uniquely generous, giving, warm, intelligent and incredibly welcoming personality, Alice touched countless lives for more than 50 years. Her ballet school never turned away anyone who could not afford ballet lessons.
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