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"On the Trail of Ruth St. Denis is a historical dance documentary that re-creates, in the present day, the extraordinary journey through India in 1926 of the great American interpretive dancer Ruth St. Denis. In the film, the camera follows British-Australian dance artist Liz Lea as she follows in the footsteps of one of the 20th century’s greatest artistic innovators – a woman who could count amongst her students the silent film star Louise Brooks and the legendary dance choreographer Martha Graham. Trekking across modern day India, self proclaimed “dance detective” Liz Lea attempts to uncover the long lost trail of Ruth St. Denis and, along the way, recreates some of the dances which brought St. Denis notoriety and fame so many years before…"


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Thanks so much for the link -- I wasn't aware of this project.

I have to say that the photo of Ms Lea, on the main page of the website, actually reminds me of Isadora Duncan with the scarf flying up next to her. From our perspective now, we tend to think of Duncan and St. Denis separately, but at the time there was a rivalry perceived between them, and they do represent very distinct philosophies about dance. Elizabeth Kendall's "Where She Danced" is a fabulous examination of them both, and Susan Shelton's "Divine Dancer" is the book on St Denis.

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