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Andrian Fadeev new AD of this company

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*As Fadeev is currently also a Principal at the Mariinsky, I'm double-posting in the subfora of both troupes*

Russian newspaper announces appointment of Mariinsky Principal, Andrian Fadeev, as the Artistic Director of the Leonid Jacobson Ballet (ex-Choreographic Minitatures/Leningrad State Academic Ballet...which tours overseas as St. Petersburg State Ballet).


Until recently, this troupe was led by Yuri Petukhov and, before that, Askold Makarov (and many famous people before Makarov, incl Jacobson himself, through Jacobson was not the founder).


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The man who Fadeev replaced, Yuri Petukhov, has not gone quietly, as per Russian news reports, such as this:


Something about Petukhov alleging that he was shoved out and Fadeev installed to deflect attention from some land-grabbing deal in which the old historic Jacobssen Theater will be razed to make room for a restaurant. That would be sad. I've been to the troupe's HQs and have seen the little jewel-box carriage house in the courtyard that was turned into a theater.

Fadeev probably had no idea about this, if it is true...and, as so often happens in Russia (and elsewhere), it may not be true. :)

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