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Tamara Grigorieva

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scan of publicity photo for Col. W. de Basil's Original Ballet Russe of Grigorieva, almost certainly costumed (in Berard's design) for the Hand of Fate pas de deux in Balanchine's COTILLON.

the pose? either the dancer's and/or photographer's whim or somehow related to what the choreography called for.

post-848-084144500 1299086135_thumb.jpg

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This may not be one of the original costumes, which were lighter in color and had smaller stars and some sort of tassels on the shoulders - as indicated in the photos published in Adrian Stokes' book on Russian Ballet and elsewhere (almost "no ballet is more photogenic than 'Cotillon'": Stokes). Nor does the costume seem to appear in the "Cotillon" section of Brodovich's great book "Ballet," photographed in the mid thirties. (Though it may appear later in the ballet and not have been recorded.)

A small-scaled facsimile of "Ballet" has been republished by Errata Editions. It was "shot in 35mm, disregarding traditional conventions of “good” technique," according to the notes. Unfortunately Edwin Denby's introduction doesn't seem to have been included in the reprint.

Errata Editions #11

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while this is likely a later version of Berard's designs, there is a photo on p. 16 of Garcia-Marquez's THE BALLETS RUSSES, showing Lubov Rostova and Valentine Froman (the originators of "Les Main du Destin") in which Rostova wears costuming - tutu, gloves, tights and toeshoes - very like those in the Grigorieva photo.

the lighter colors and smaller stars were part of the costuming for the charcaters of the ensemble and for that of the "Daughter of the House" (originally danced by Tamara Toumanova).

as i say i don't know the date of this photo and the COTILLON identification is not given on the print; neither is any other ballet name given.

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