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Burgmuller Petit Allegro

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I have a CD I use for teaching called "Behind Barres Vol. 2" (Judy Rice & Paul Lewis), and track 22 features a petit allegro (in 2/4) by Burgmuller. I have heard it lots of times before but I can't remember what ballet it is from. I thought maybe it was from the peasant pas de deux in Giselle so I looked it up on youtube, but I haven't been able to find it. I wanted to use it for a recital and it's just bugging me that I can't remember where it is from! Anyone know?

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Thank you for the tip! I found Bonynge's recording in this "compendium": http://www.amazon.com/F%C3%AAte-Ballet-Compendium-Rarities-Richard/dp/tracks/B00005ND46

Not completely convinced that it isn't a part of Giselle yet though... I think I'll try and take a more thorough listen there before I drop $60 on that album. It's just so familiar sounding to me, I thought it must be Minkus or something but the title of the track says Burgmuller. Hmmm.

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not all stagings of GISELLE use the Burgmuller straight through, some, notably the Soviet-age productions - Kirov and Bolshoi companies - interpolate other music.

if the youtube clips you saw were from a production that didn't use the 'dance of the young peasants' then you might have been thrown off.

probably best find CDs of the score that include the full pas de deux.

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