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Alla Osipenko

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my guess is that the scan of the photocard posted here shows Osipenko as Sari in PATH OF THUNDER (the title is confirmed on the card's credits; the role is not given.)

whatever the precise identification, the photo seems to capture the authority and charisma that are part of Osipenko's stellar career.

for those unfamiliar with this ballet, never, to the best of my knowledge, shown outside Soviet Russia, here is the NYPL cat. entry:

Path of thunder: Original title: Tropoiu groma. Chor: Konstantin Sergeev; mus: Kara Karaev; lib: IUrii Slonimskii after the novel by Peter Abrahams; scen: Valerii Dorrer. First perf: Leningrad, Kirov Theater, Jan 4, 1958, Kirov Ballet (Company).//First Moscow perf: Bolshoi Theater, June 27, 1959, Bolshoi Ballet (Company).

post-848-006084800 1288709557_thumb.jpg

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That astonishing and unforgettable face. Thank you, rg.

I know this is off-topic, but your photo led me to the following closeups of Osipenko in what appears to have been a 1987 Russian version of the short radio play on which the Hollywood classic, "Sorry, Wrong Number," was based.



The same haunting face,almost 30 years later.

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