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I am puzzled. This entire documentary seems to focus solely on Gergiev's energy and commitment to Russian culture. But there was one segment that didn't fit. This is when Uliana Lopatkina comes into his office to say that she is unhappy with a current production. Gergiev has the television on in his office and is clearly watching the sport during the conversation. He does agree to come to a rehearsal but I found the segment quite strange and wondered at it being included.

Has anyone else seen this dvd?

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I didn't seet it. I guess focusing solely on his energy and commitment would produce a propaganda show more than a documentary while showing a man with flaws sticks closer to reality.

And maybe he's a big sports fan and this was the event of the year. After all he gets to see Uliana Lopatkina in his office all the time.

If she came in mine THAT would be the event of the year for me. :P

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