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Social Media and the RDB

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The Royal Danish Ballet has introduced a number of social media initiatives this season.

-- The KGL Theater Facebook page has been there for awhile.

-- Both the theater and the ballet have Twitter accounts; the theater (@kglteater) posts in Danish, the ballet (@rdballet) in English (mostly).

-- Individual dancer bios (examples here and here) now link to blogs and twitter accounts

-- The information pages for each of the ballets now include a section where audience members can post their own reviews. See the Swan Lake page for an example.

This last one could get interesting.

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Thank you for all these tips, checkwriter! You are right, there have been a lot of new initiatives on the homepage lately, which makes it more interesting to visit. It also seems that they try seriously to complie with some of the wishes from the audience, for example by announcing the casts long time in advance. Thank you for that RDB! :thanks:

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Also, I was impressed by the way they handled the announcement of Susanne Grinder's promotion - short notes on both their Twitter feeds and on Facebook, a proper long piece - with lots of links - on the theatre's website, and an e-mail to their press list, all within half-an-hour of the onstage announcement, late on a Saturday evening. Neat.

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