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Principal Patricia Delgado in the cover of Pointe Magazine

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I just received the August/September issue of Pointe, and lovely Patricia Delgado graces its cover. :clapping:

And from the MCB blog...

"Our very own Patricia Delgado graces the cover of Pointe Magazine’s August/September issue! The feature includes gorgeous photos (the cover costume is from red-hot In The Upper Room) and some interesting background on her personal and professional life. Patricia, the principal dancer who practically grew up at Miami City Ballet, says this in the feature: “I’ve never thought of what I do as ‘a career.’ I’ve always wanted to dance wonderful roles. And one of the great things about Miami is that we don’t perform anything but the best choreography.”

Go out and get your copy to find out how she and her sister Jeanette ended up working together at MCB, why Patty had a bone removed from her foot, and why Edward Villella thinks she’s perfect!"


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Thanks, Cristian. It's a good article (though much too brief, as is the way with Pointe). Any dancer that the author, Robert Gottlieb, adores is worth looking at very closely. Congratulations, Patricia.

The whole issue is quite interesting, with insights into the experiences of young professional dancers from all around the country. Whoever selected the assignments showed a lot of imagination.

Includes a photo-essay on a day in the life of Wendy Whelan; 3 young dancers (Sean Stewart, Elizabeth Mason, and Greta Hodgkinson) talking about their experience of going abroad to study and work; a piece about women who include men's classes in their training; and an insider's view of Veronika Part's dance bag. (James Wolcott will be thrilled. :wink: )

For us old(er) NYCB fans, there's a lovely photo of Mimi Paul working with a young SAB student. :thumbsup:

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