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Bolshoi Ballet publicity photo

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all this publicity photo says is ASAF MESSERER BOLSHOI BALLET (in pencil on the back) with the date stamp as indicated above.

"Sunday Screen w/ Bolshoi" is also handwritten and some dimensions, probably related to the size intended for the pulication's running of the picture, given.

evidently this was for the company's tour? after NYC, which was in Sept.

the ballet is almost certainly BALLET SCHOOL, Messerer's 'classroom' ballet, which was on this the tour to NYC.

i have no idea if the affectingly earnest and eager boys at the barre were local to the place of the newspaper about to run the photo or if it was just generic to show how local ballet pupils would be involved in the ballet.


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a dancer to whom this scan was emailed has written to say that the location of this Messerer class is "in a studio in the old Met. "

further information offered noted that after the old Met season the Bolshoi Ballet played its programs, again, including BALLET SCHOOL "in Madison Square Garden" and that other dancers recalled as having been among the American children to appear in BALLET SCHOOL were, if the writer's recollections were accurate, ", "Richard Thomas Jr.' as well as "Giselle Roberge and Starr Danias." (not that any of these individuals is said to be evident in this particular photo.)

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