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Janet Reed costumed for BOURREE FANTASQUE

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attached is a scan of a publicity photo of Janet Reed, presumably from the original production's initial run of BOURREE FANTASQUE: Reed led the third ('Fete Polonaise') movement alongside Herbert Bliss.

the School of American Ballet's recent staging used ABT's versions of Karinska's costumes.

the close-up of Karinska's costuming relates to the Karinska sketch for Tallchief's look for BOURREE F reproduced on the cover of the Abrams' COSTUMES BY KARINSKA by Toni Bentley.

i'd not previously seen this photo.


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Thank you! I haven't seen this photo before....

A few years ago the Nat. Museum of Dance in Saratoga had the original costume on display......I spent a very long time in front of it, of course! Many, many layers of beautiful, clever, and unusual detailing.....

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