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Hi. I just came from the second of the four scheduled AA performances here in Miami-(@ the Arsht Center). Just as the first time I saw them, they presented a very energetic program to a full house-(and a much more enthusiastic audience than that of ballet, IMO). The program consisted of three works. First they dance Matthew Rushing's "Uptown", a musical/dancing tale about the Harlem Renaissance and a celebration of African American arts and culture during the '20s and '30s. The audience loved this smart and stylish depiction of some of the personalities, popular dances and, especially, the invigorating energy of the era. After the first intermezzo they did Ronald K. Brown's "Dancing Spirit" , a tribute to artistic director Judith Jamison and an evocative piece that, thanks to the dancers rich, passionate performance, was as much homage to their talent as it was to Jameson. The program closed, after the second intermezzo, with their signature piece, Ailey's "Revelations", with a particularly deeply thought performance of "I Wanna Be Ready" and a wonderful Samuel Lee Roberts ready to explode in the "Sinner Man'' trio. As always, the gospel-stomping "Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham'' finale brought the audience to its feet just as it did two years ago. Loved it, loved it...and this is from someone who's always veeeeeeeeeery suspicious about the absence of pointe shoes in dancing. :P


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