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In last night's telecast of the Met's new Carmen, Maria Kowroski danced a short PDD w/ Martin Harvey in the beginning of the 3rd act. I missed the 1st Act where there was more dancing. It was choreographed by C Wheeldon.

Maria was absolutely gorgeous in her dancing and appearance.Anybody else saw it?Great Performances are usually repeated on Sunday afternoons .

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Great Performances are usually repeated on Sunday afternoons.
Thanks, bingham. I didn't see the whole broadcast, but did have the good luck to check in on Ch. 13 just at that moment, and I agree that Maria looked stunning.

The Met's website offers its three choreographers for the 2009-2010 season a chance to briefly address their works. Scroll down for Wheeldon's approach to Carmen.

As with all PBS broadcasts, the standard advice: Check your local listings. :wink:

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Great Performances are usually repeated on Sunday afternoons .
This is the one Met HD/Live performance I missed this year. Now I can record it. Thanks, bingham, for the information.

Palm Beach Opera did Carmen in April, integrating dancers from the former Ballet Florida into the chorus throughout the opera. The dancers became, in effect, non-singing chorus members -- but chorus whose movements reflected the changing dynamics and rhythms of the score, who danced formally when called for, who flirted, fought, projected scorn, greed, contempt, etc., and (something very hard for traditional choruses) reacted believably to the events going on around them.

The effect was to the real (sinnging) chorus look better than I'd ever seem them. It will be interesting to see what Wheeldon does.

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