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Hello it's me again. :)

I was over at YouTube and by glorious accident I came across this piece of teasure of a by gone era of ballet. It's the Grand Pas de Quatre as staged by Anton Dolin which obviously was based on the choreography by Jules Perrot as originally seen on the old television series, Bell Telephone Hour back in 1960 here in the United States.

It stars - incredibly - four of the greatest ballerinas in the middle section of the 20th century: Alicia Alonso, Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye and Mia Slavenska. What a cast! I mean their individual style is so completely different but in general they danced with wonderful harmony. I have to admit I giggled a little at the characterization each ballerina brought to their dancing but it was clear they were base on the 19th century style dancing of the famous ballerinas they were protraying. I can't off hand remember who they were but I'm sure many of who will! There was no question however the dancing is wonderful and that ballerinas of today could still learn lessons from these four great artist.

I search to see if this video has already been posted. I don't believe it has. If by chance it was apologies. If not...please enjoy! :blink:

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If you want a genealogy of the Dolin choreography of "Pas de Quatre", it's based on the Keith Lester staging, which in its turn was based on the news reports of the time (1845) on the original choreography. The last person who could have known for sure what the Perrot choreography really was, Lucile Grahn, died in 1909, and Lester's staging didn't come out until the 1930s.

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