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This article was posted in yesterday's links.

This is in fact the very first I hear about something being broadcasted in 3D, and I understand it will even be live!

I saw some of the recent 3D movies, and after wearing the glasses for about half an hour they started really irritating me (they were quite heavy!). Plus I didn't really care about the 3D-ness. :wink:

I can imagine it makes a movie more spectacular, but for a broadcast of dancing on a stage I don't really see how this would make things better.

What do you think about this? Will it make the experience of watching ballet on a screen better?

I can even really enjoy a very grainy image, if the dancing is excellent :off topic:

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The broad answer is that for 3D, it really depends on how it's shot. The question is: do they shoot for the "wow" factor, and hit you in the face with the 3D, or do they try to provide a more subtle, lifelike experience. That being said, the added depth makes a huge difference in the experience.

Haven't been able to find any reviews of the Mariinsky gala to see how it went. It's quite possible given that 3D sets are just coming to market, that just about no one saw it!


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