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January 1893 saw the premiere of a ballet with the title of The Magic Flute, choreographed by Lev Ivanov and music by Riccardo Drigo. The event took place at the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg. 24 years later, on February 13, 1917, Anna Pavlova danced the lead character during the premiere of the ballet in Cuba, at the National Theater (now the Grand Theater of Havana). 92 years later, the work was again seen in the same stage, revived and reworked by Mme. Alonso and her Company during the 19th. International Ballet Festival of Havana.

The action takes place in a French village in the late eighteenth century. Farmers celebrate the apple harvest. Lucas, a young villager, and Elisa, the farmer's daughter, are passionately in love, but the girl's parents oppose the union...


Comedy-ballet in one act

Original Choreography: Lev Ivanov

Revival and staging for the Cuban National Ballet: Alicia Alonso

Music: Riccardo Drigo

Costume/set designs: Ricardo Reymena

Lighting: Ruddy Artiles

Viengsay Valdes as Elisa.


Another variation, by the latest rising little star of the Company: Grettel Morejon

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Glad you liked it, Innopac. Alonso's company is certainly way due on releasing material. Because of this whole generations of dancers are practically unknown to the rest of the world-(many of those whom I've included in the 60's,70's,80's ballerinas series). I know that everything is filmed, and keeps lying either in Alonso's personal arcades or some of her close friends. I myself witnessed one time a room FILLED with vieotapes,catalogued by performance, performers and dates. I guess that some stuff can't even go through the legal path-(like Balanchine's Waltz Academy), but others are just screaming to see the light, like some of Alonso's XIX century repertoire recreations.

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