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Paquita publicity pix

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the attached scans show an ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS engraving from 1846 of Carlotta Grisi and James Silvain (born James Sullivan) as Paquita and Lucien in PAQUITA at London's Drury Lane theater (if my reading of Guest is correct). the latter's dancing was described around the time by THE TIMES as evincing "much strength and excellent taste." the danseur not only appeared in the ballet, presumably in Mazilier's choreography, but also staged the work for London on this occasion opposite La Grisi.

the other, a Russian photocard from the imperial theater studios, shows Anatole Obukhov as Lucien, around 1915.

it's interesting to see how faithful the latter remained to the former, at least with regard to costuming.



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The ballet wasn't the only place that the Russians stayed true to original design. In "Petrouchka", a figure in the crowd is distinguished by his green 18th-century coat and tall mitre cap denoting a grenadier. The Russian army retained this obsolete uniform for its heavy infantry until the opening days of World War I. Here Silvain and Obukhov wear a very proper uniform for a hussar, complete with dolman. Turns must have been awful unless you took that cavalry over-jacket off. I can't imagine that it made partnering any easier, either!

Silvain also accompanied Fanny Elssler in her 1840 American tour as partner and ballet master.

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