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"The Little Humpbacked Horse"-(Pugni's score)-clips

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I'm watching this right now. From the Tube source...

Enjoy! :lol:

Part I

"Grand Pas des Nereids" from "The Little Humpbacked Horse". Students of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, 1989. Chor. is likely by Gusev, Vaganova, or some other notable Soviet-era balletmaster, done after Saint-Léon, Petipa, Gorsky, etc. Music by Cesare Pugni (this is some of the best music I have ever heard by Maestro Pugni).

1. Entrée des nereids

2. Entrée de la Tsar-Demoiselle. Variation.

3. Grand ballabile (waltz at the fountain)

Here is a rare clip from the Vaganova School's production of the 'original' "The Little Humpbacked Horse", being the 'Grand pas' danced on the shores of the enchanted Isle by the Tsar Maiden and her nereids before she is captured by the Humpbacked Horse and Ivanushka. In Saint-Léon's original 1864 production this scene opened with nereids and mermaids sitting atop on a vast rock on the shore at the back of the stage which went all the way up to the rafters. The Tsar Maiden then made her entrance in a boat shaped like swan (one can certainly hear in the music all of the various cues for these passages). During the 'Grand ballabile' at the end (or coda) the Humpbacked Horse caused fountains to spring up out of the stage floor in order to keep the Tsar Maiden from escaping. In Imperial Russia this was known as the "Waltz at the fountain".


Part II

"Danse des Fresques Animés"

In this scene the Humpbacked Horse has given Ivanushka a magic whip that makes the Frescoes painted on the walls of the Kahn's palace come to life.


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Part III

This is an excerpt from the so-called "Under-water scene"

1. Variation of the White Pearl (music: Cesare Pugni)

2. Variation of Two Red Corals (music: Cesare Pugni)

3. Variation of Ocean (music: Boris Asafiev)

4. Variation of the Blue Sea Flower (music: Ludwig Minkus- this solo also turns up in the so-called "Paquita Grand pas". It was originally danced by the ballerina Anna Johansson when she performed the title role in Petipa's revival of Perrot's "Ondine" in 1892. The ballerina Alla Sizova added it to "The Little Humpbacked Horse" in the 1950s, and it subsequently found its way into "Paquita".)

-White Pearl: Zhanna Zinitsina

-Red Corals: Tatiana Loginova & Elvira Loginova

-Ocean: Vitaly Tsvestkov

-Blue Sea Flower: Anna Polikarpova


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