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Ashley Bouder's Live Chat last night (Rose Building)

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Although I've gone to dozens of NYCB seminars (usually in the NY State, now Koch, theatre), I've never attended a "Chat" before.

But when I read (on NYCB website) that Ashley Bouder was to be the speaker, I reserved a place.

The chat was run by the Managing Director of Volunteer and Programmatic Services, Joan Quatrano.

Ms. Quantro is a smart, interesting, delightful woman, who put both the small audience (maybe 30 people) and Ms. Bouder at ease immediately.

Not that Ms. Bouder looked nervous -- this young woman is as charming off-stage as she is on. She's also quick, bright and funny.

The program took place in the Rose Building at Lincoln Center (home of SAB). If you've never attended one of these sessions before

, please keep an eye out for one in the future. It's really a chance to get to know the dancer, and more about, not only NYCB, but ballet

in general. Ms. Quatrano started the ball rolling by asking Ms. Bouder questions that we'd all like to know (and yes, Ms. Bouder is rehearsing again! She'll be dancing this season. She's also choreographing for the "Dancers Emergency Fund." I wont' reveal anything else but

it sounds like it'll be a terrific evening!). She then opened the floor to questions. Most people there seemed to either be NYCB volunteers, or

parents of SAB students. There were a few other "civilians" like me there, too. It was a free program, and was, alas, not particularly well attended (considering how popular Ms. Bouder is). But it was surely a thrill to have this opportunity. I asked Ms. Bouder what she liked to do

away from ballet. She's a big reader, loves movies, and has a great dog. She also loves the outdoors, and seems to love NYC.

We also heard about the famed Central Pennsylvania Ballet school -- where Ms. Bouder, and many other NYCB got their early training.

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I second DeborahB's sentiments...a wonderful program, it was a pleasure to have a relaxed, intimate, informative session with Ms Bouder, and have a chance to see her personality, hear her thoughts, etc. I stumbled on the program on the NYCB website, don't think it is very well publicized though......

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We often go to the Studio talks in the Rose Bldg as well as the Monday night programs in the Koch theater. Joan is the best interviewer they have. She has encyclopedic knowledge of ballet. She knows the dancers and know the history of ballet as well. She is often incisive and asks great questions. If you ever get a chance to see her conducting one of these talks - I highly recommend them. I never went to one where I didn't learn a lot - if not about ballet then about the particular dancers, choreographer, conductors etc.

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I second DeborahB's sentiments...a wonderful program, it was a pleasure to have a relaxed, intimate, informative session with Ms Bouder......

Are these chats available as podcasts anywhere? I checked the NYCB website but couldn't find anything. (Here at SFB, similar pre-performance interviews are usually posted on the SFB website as free podcasts.)

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