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Pharoah's Daughter choreography

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I've just aquired the DVD of the Bolshoi 2003 performance with Zakarova and Filin.

On the accompanying documentary Pierre Lacotte talks of trying to recreate Petipa's choreography. Other sites have suggested that it was too difficult to re create. Im just flying a kite here, based on a very limited understanding of choreographic history and ballet steps - but I thought that Lacotte could have said that he was paying homage to Bournonville.

In some of the dancing done by Filin, in particular, full of jumps and leggyness, I thought that Taor was channelling James, from La Sylphide.

Does anyone else see similarities? I'm not suggesting that Lacotte was plagiarising but there does seem to me to be great congruence in parts.

I enjoy the DVD partly because I am reminded of La Sylphide.

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