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Chicago's Auditorium Theatre Performance

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I don't remember ever seeing Valse Fantaisie. I wasn't around for 1953 and I must have missed the 1983 revision. Arlene Croce says of 1983 that

It shares a few steps with the 1953 version, but it is a different ballet. In expanding the male soloist's role "Balanchine seems to have d rained off much of its poignance. Once a ballet about a man and three women, Valse Fantaisie became an extended pas de deux -- actually, two pas deuls -- with a backup group

Anyway, it is the only one on the Chicago program that they're dancing at home this year.

The original Valse Fantaisie had Diana Adams, Mellissa Hayden and Tanaquil LeClerq, supported by Nicholas Magallanes. Anyone have thoughts about who should dance the ballerina roles? I don't think there is a LeClerq in the company, but -- on the other hand -- I'm not sure whether the 3 roles demand much distinction as to dance personality.

I wonder who'll be doing the Black Swan pdd. I'd give a lot to see Jeanette Delgado (whom I'll bet can sublimate her basically sunny personality) and Rolando Sarabia.

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