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ABT Spring Dance in London

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:):bow::toot: The rewards were great,of a spur of the moment decision to go and see ABT in London, performing La Corsaire. Due to the difficulty of getting to the performance and back in a day, I had to go to the Saturday matinee. I had looked up the Cast beforehand, and was delighted to see that some of their major Stars were peforming that afternoon. The Dancers were Conrad- Gennadi Saveliev , Birbanto - Mikhail Ilyin, Ali -Herman Carnejo, Lankerndem - Jared Mathews, Medora -Xiomara Reyes, Gulnare - Misty Copeland.In the character of the Pasha Sayed was none other than Victor Barbee.

It was really wonderful, the atmosphere in the theatre was excellent, with an very appreciative audience, who appreciated the humour, as well as the quality of the dancing. The highlight for me was the wonderful pas de deux danced by Medora and Conrad, before the drugged flower episode. Full of spectacular lifts and tenderness between the couple, being one of my favourite Pas de deux's, it really made my day.

My only slight disapointment was with the English National Opera Orchestra, which did not seem to creater the same wonderful music as that of the American Orchestra on the DVD. music seemed "Thin" in comparison, with not enough Bass, or the emotion within the arrangement, which sadly seemed too loud and without the depththe lovely score deserves.

I went home very happy that I had made the quick decision to go while ABT were in the UK, as I felt there was little chance of me seeing them in their home theatre's in America.

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