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Silja Schandorff's farewell

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Silja Schandorff gave her last performance on Wednesday evening, as Giselle. It sounds to have been a wonderful evening, ending with a ten-minute standing ovation whilst her former partners brought her roses, Hubbe gave her a very big kiss, and Kenneth Greve swung her off her feet and whirled her round.

Eva Kistrup has written a lovely appreciation of her career on her DVT Blog.

I've seen a couple of reviews in the Danish press - this one is worth a look just for the lovely photograph; the reviewer gives the evening 6 stars and said that Schandorff is quitting while still right at the top. Another promises more photos after Easter.

If you were there, please write about it!

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A Danish TV channel broadcast a 20 minute feature about Schandorff's farewell performance and the background to it. It's in Danish (apart from Nikolaj Hubbe's short speech, which is in English) but there's a lot of interesting film as well - it's a very nice programme.

Clicking here will take you to the page - click on April 12th on the calendar, then look down the right hand column till you see Schandorff's name and click on that.

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The annual Reumerts awards ceremony for the dramatic arts in Denmark was held in Copenhagen yesterday, and the overall prize went to Silja Schandorff. She has previously won the Dancer of the Year award twice, but this is the big one - it's seen as a great honour, and also gives her 300,000 kroner (about £36,000 at today's horrendous exchange rate).

This is the 11th year of the awards and she is the third dancer to have won the main prize, following Nikolaj Hubbe and Thomas Lund.

There are a couple of very nice pictures here.

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