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Sergei Gustavovich Legat

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scan of an undated photocard portrait of S. G. Legat as Prince Désiré in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, likely taken at the turn of the 20th century and probably costumed for the start of act 3, which the libretto describes as "Entrance of the king, queen, and the newly-weds with their retinue and the Fairies of Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and Sapphires."

if mem. serves the winged headband, minus the plumes, was included in an exhibit called "100 Years of Russian Ballet, 1830 - 1930" at Eduard Nakhamkin, Fine Arts gallery in NYC, as part of a little group of costume accessories said to be from LE CORSAIRE, 1899. (when i wondered about the look of the headpiece and that familiar from SLEEPING BEAUTY photos like this one, a curator from Leningrad said that these productions often recycled costume elements.)


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i didn't see the stravinsky exhibit at EN but could it be the works were merely on loan for the purposes of the show?

in the case of the 100 Years/Russian Ballet (which in fact was 100 years of St. Petersburg ballet) the items were all on loan from Leningrad.

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