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Zuraitis' Giselle

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As I write, I'm listening to the recording, which I finally got on Ebay. Wow, in between the Fistoulari and now this, I'm discovering many differences. What amazes me the most is the change in the order of some dances from Act I and then the rare Minkus PDD, which had been discussed in BT before. I just wanted to note that the music is not of that of those fragments performed by Nureyev and Seymour in their Giselle. Is a whole totally different music, very harp oriented-(totally Minkus). So hence, now I'm even more confused. If the Zuraitis seems to be the most loyal version to the original score, where is all the music missing...? (like Berthe's mime sequence...)...and where does the added music from the N&S version come from...? and where is that mentioned second trapped-man sequence ..? (cause I just heard only one of the Willis deadly dance theme, Hilarion's I assume). The ending passage is also a bit different, and so far I can recall having heard at least three different versions. Here there's not a final Albretch's extra music. It just finishes with Giselle's descending to the grave...(with some extra bars ), whereas I'm sure i've heard another ending in which the fanfarre' court music is interpolated...(Bathilde's returning to get Albretch from Giselle, as I've read somewhere...?) And what's up with the Fugue of the Willis...?

Mel..!!! :(

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I confess that it's a long time since I listened to this recording (1974?), but if I recall rightly, the additional party of men don't get the full treatment. They escape before the Wilis can put the zetz on them. I thought it had the longer ending with what seemed to be the hunting horns that announced Bathilde and Wilfrid, beating the bushes to find Albrecht. There seemed to be an extended mime passage for the four (with Giselle) before the loud curtain music.

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