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Great Cuban Ballerinas of the 60's, 70's and 80's-(X)


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Miss Amparo Brito was one of the “Three Graces” of the Cuban National Ballet along with Ofelia Gonzalez and Rosario Suarez-Charin. She was also considered by the specialized critics as one of the greatest ballerinas of the twentieth Century. The Art of Amparito has been characterized by its exquisite and femininity fundamental elements. Perfect line, physique naturally gifted for the classical ballet, her performances during the International Competitions has been one of the most brilliant in the history of the Cuban Ballet, which proved the genuine technical quality of the School. Miss Brito initiated her ballet studies in 1962, graduating in 1968 from the recently formed School of National Arts in Havana. In 1968 she is selected to be part of Mme. Alonso’s Company , and here it comes the sad part of the story. After innumerable winnings in National and International Competitions, and being already a favorite within the Cuban audience, she was denied the title of Primera Bailarina until 1986, as it happened with the other Graces. By the time she was promoted, Brito was almost ready to retire. She is married with the most infamous Cuban dancer defector of all times, Mme.’s most important partner Jorge Esquivel, who still dances character dances in SFB, as per its current roster. Brito is another name that has been unfairly erased from the list of the history of the CNB. Miss Brito became the Artistic Director of the Pro Danza Company, where General Director is Laura Alonso, Mme.'s daughter. Since 2005 she works with her daughter Yoira Esquivel in a special summer program for american students in Panama

So as I said earlier with Charin and Ofe…Amparito, wherever you are, please know that we still daydream with those golden days of ballet and with you guys…our own stars.

Ladies and Gentleman: Miss Amparo Brito

As Giselle-(the second one, right after Josefina Mendez runs away)

As a sublime Zulma with a perfect renverse-penchee.

In Majisimo with Marta Garcia, Ofelia Gonzalez and Gloria Hernandez

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I do totally agree with your comments about Amparito Brito, she was an exquisite dancer. I have been trying to find videos of her and do not seem to find any. The Cuban Ballet has produced a very limited amount of videos and they are not commercially available, but still, I have not found anything of Amparito's dancing in You-Tube. Do you know where could I find any of her videos? Do you know of Amparito Brito's whereabouts?

The Cuban government has always limited the production of videos of its most remarkable and popular artistic figures, unless they are deceased. Like in the old Soviet Union and China, the totalitarian regimes constantly fear the free minds of its people. When Rosario Suarez "Charin" and Ofelita defected, their names were immediately erased in Cuba. But they should know that those remarkable dancers and artists made history and their names can't be erased from the minds of their fans. They were fabulous dancers, the three of them, no wonder they were named the Three Graces.

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Somehow I missed this thread, but wanted to add that I saw Amparo Brito in Washington when the Cuban Ballet played there in the late 70's/ early 80's. She did Zulma in Giselle, and I have never forgotten it, one of the best things I have seen. I was always expecting her to become better known, and am glad that she got some appreciation! Mary

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