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Fokine's The Firebird Productions Question

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I'm looking for info on the various productions of Fokine's The Firebird (not later versions by other choreographers).

I know Alexander Golovin did the original settings and costumes, with Bakst coming in to do the Firebird and Princess outfits in the end. I also know in Fokine's biography he complains that Diaghilev forgot to get a final backdrop for the final scene with the glowing/saved city so they had to perform it with the earlier setting. I know that the costumes and settings were damaged and i think in the 20s it was redesigned?

The only production I've seen is the Kirov's reconstruction on the Kirov/Nijinsky DVD. It doesn't have an original costumes/setting credit, but I know most of it looks like the old pictures--and the final backdrop IS a restored/glowing city, which I've seen in other ballet books. What designs are these based on? In the old Diaghilev pictures the Firebird doesn't have such a classical tutu, but the rest seems more or less accurate. Were there two complete designs done under Fokine for his ballet?

Thanks for any info!

I have to edit my original post--since reading Fokine's memoirs I'm even more confused. He speaks out against the 1920s redesign of his Firebird--complainign of several things. One is that the backdrop with the fence is now changed so there is no fence, making the entrance of the characters to Fokine now motiveless. But in the Kirov's there is a fence. However, he also complains that the Firebird is now in a traditional tutu--something he deplores--which she certainly is in the Kirov.

From pictures I've come3 to the conclusion the Kirov largely is based on the original designs except for the Firebird, and the final backdrop (which Fokine like) which is from the redesign. But I'd love anyone else's take on this.

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