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Great Cuban Ballerinas of the 60's, 70's and 80's-(IX)


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Miss Ofelia Gonzalez

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Ofelia Gonzalez was one of the only two bailarinas who would totally divide the Cuban audience, the other being Rosario Suarez-(Charin). There were riots…literally, “ofelistas” never loosing territory.

Miss Gonzalez graduated with honors during the same time as Suarez and Amparo Brito. This three bailarinas belong to a controversial chapter of the Cuban Company. The three of them were already big time winners in international competitions and full sold houses at home, and still, they were just not lucky… never gotten promoted to Primeras Bailarinas until they were in her forties and almost at retirement time…This three bailarinas, Miss Gonzalez included, were known among the public as “The Three Graces”. If Suarez was the stage fire, the non stopping full force, Gonzalez was the perfectionist…the one with the most precision and sharpness…the MOST complete of them all. Now, I know if some Charin’s devotees read this, they would come with thousand of arguments, proving me wrong, and I know because I was one of them. Now, many years later, I can understand that Gonzalez possessed those ultimate qualities that made her probably the most complete bailarina of those times. Her interpretations were legendary, they way she devised every character making it her own with the ultimate details…with every single gesture. Now, revisiting her clips with a wiser vision, I must say that I’ve discovered what a marvelous technician she was without showing off at all…

Many years later, Julio Bocca would say that some of his greatest most spontaneous, joyous performances he ever did were those with the CUBAN BALLET and his favorite bailarina was Ofelia with whom he made his debut as Siegfried in Swan Lake with the company..

As per today Miss Gonzalez, along with Amparo Brito and Rosario Suarez, our beloved “Three Graces” and a whole chapter in the history of the Cuban ballet, have been erased from its official history for unfair reasons. No traces of her name within the roster of the Company and/or the Ballet School.

Wherever you are, Ofe…here is my little tribute and homage. Thank you for your art and the most beautiful memories.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ofelia Gonzalez. :blush:

As Odile, Sl Act III, with Lazaro Carreno

As Aurora, solo from Sleeping Beauty

As Kitri, DQ with Julio Bocca

PDD from Chopiniana, with Jose Zamorano

As Odette, in the Love Duet-(White Swan PDD)-with Lazaro Carreno

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With great pleasure I just received the news that Miss Gonzalez-(our beloved "Ofe")-is currently working as a professor and stager at the school of dance of the "Teatro dell'Opera di Roma", where she has staged the Cuban versions of "La Fille Mal Gardee"-(after Alonso-Romanoff-Nijinska-Dauberval/Hertel) and Coppelia.

Brava Ofe!


and here...her unforgettable role in "Majisimo" :D

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Thanks for that update, Cristian.

Ms. Gonzlez's title on the website is "Guest Teacher." Fracci seems to be aiming at creating, at the Rome Opera, a high-level company, an international audience (thus the major dancers imported for showcase performances like this season's Giselle), and a serious school with an international faculty. It's an exciting venture. Rome deserves it.

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