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Varna Ballet Competition 2010

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:):) I have been interested in the Varna Ballet Competition for a long time, and now find myself wondering if you can go as a Spectater, if not for the classes and technical events, but to see the Prize Winners dance in the Gala's and receive their awards. (I would be interested in watching Master Classes if this was possible).

Have any of our members actually been, or would they be interested in going, maybe as a group? Irealise it would be difficult to co-ordinate people from too far away, but easier say for uk or French people to get together, and benefit from group rate reductions.

I am not talking about a commercial undertaking, but as a group of people with a common interest.

I plan to visit my Daughter who lives in Bulgaria, Summer 2010, and as it is only approximately 2 hours drive to Varna, I want to include

visiting there. If anyone is interested, you can email me direct. I hope this suggestion does not brake any rules, or is off topic.

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