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Intro and question


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Hello everyone! My name is Jen and I was recently afforded the opportunity to "get back in touch" with Dance and the theater after a VERY long hiatus. My mother was a dancer for 35 years, I danced 11 years as a young girl and now my 6 year old son is showing signs of being a passionate lover of dance and movement. We were recently able to perform in a small town version of the Nutcracker ballet. I was elated to be back on stage:) and my son took to it like a duck to water. My question is this: Has Walt Disney's Fantasia been adapted for a ballet (not including the Nutcracker suite portion of it) and if so, by whom? Thank you for allowing me to post and I look forward to whatever replies I might get.

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Hi, Jenccb.

I was hoping someone would see your question and provide a better answer. Besides the Nutcracker selections, of course, the Dance of the Hours and Rite of Spring were written as ballet music. I don't know of any production that recreates the score as it was arranged and ordered in Fantasia.

You might want to pose the question in our Ballets and Choreographers Forum, which is more widely read than Welcome.

If you are not yet registered on BalletTalk for Dancers, you might want to take a look at it. It includes private forums for parents of all young dancers and one for those with sons who dance. You will find a link to BT4D near the top of this screen, toward the right. We prefer, but do not require, that people use the same screen name on both boards.

Welcome to BalletTalk! :)

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Hi Jenccb --

Welcome back to the dance world -- i'm so glad your re-entry went so smoothly, and that your son is into it too.... That's owonderful!

ReFantasia -- Rg might know something, so keep a look out for an answer from him, but also, and htis is really promising, be on hte lookout for Mindy Aloff's book about the Disney animations, which is about to hit hte bookstores and is going to be a VERY VERY good book -- it may have a direct answer to your question -- though i doubt that if there IS anything of hte sort you envision, that it will be very good, at least not by comparison to Fantasia, sinceh tte Disney people did htings that are IMPOSSIBLE in real life but quie ppalusible in hteir own medium, and in fact he VERY BEST in some cases (Nutcracker in fact -- Disney's choreography is better htan any other simply in terms of giving visible form to the inherent qaualities of that music)--

Well, hte thing that's going to be great about her book is that she writes really well and thinks really well and is working on a tpoic that truly merits scholarly exposition -- so she'll probably answer questions that will intrigue you but that you didn't even know you had.

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