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Great Cuban Ballerinas of the 60's, 70's and 80's-(IV)


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Miss Aurora Bosh. Varna Silver Medal 1965, Varna Gold Medal 1966

It was 1956 in Havana, and a tall and long legged girl makes her professional ballet debut- (replacing an injured dancer)- in “Les Shylphides”. The dancer’s name is Aurora Bosh, recently graduated from the Alicia Alonso Ballet School and who later on would become one of the 4 “Jewels of Cuban Ballet” according to H.Haskell. From then on, her story of success and achievements would start with high speed. It is by this time that Miss Bosh decides to fly to US under a contract provided by means of Mme.Alonso, who had been contracted herself to dance “Coppelia” for one season for the Greek Theater of Los Angeles. Alicia asked the man in charge of the project if some Cuban Ballerinas could try and audition for the Company. The man accepted, but their tickets had to be self –provided, which proved a burden on Bosh family, given its low income. Alicia came out with the idea to try to sell an oil self portrait painted by herself and provided each girl with one pair of pointe shoes , which they had to colored gold by themselves . Then they managed to print tickets to some of the Alonso Company performances and tried to sell them around so they could save the more money for the trip. Aurora almost stayed, because her family couldn't help her with all the expenses. Then it was decided that the money was going to be used just for Bosh plane ticket, while the rest of the girls could pay it little by little. At the same time there was the Ballet Celeste from San Francisco, which give the 6 girls the opportunity to dance in some of their performances and get paid for it while they were waiting until Coppelia could be presented at the Greek Theater . That proved a challenge to young Aurora, who got to dance in many different places, included some US Military Bases. She and the rest of the girls even came out with a peculiar song about "6 crazy cubanitas that would not be forgotten in LA !"

This was the start of Miss Aurora Bosh amazing career. She is a ballerina who danced with an extreme audacity, which along a sharp technique and stage majestic command made of herself a virtuosa among her generation peers. She owned the biggest jumps, the perfect extensions and the precise turns, which added to her mastering of role characterization for the pleasure of her devote audience. Watching her dancing in full command of technique and style, abandon and flair was one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever had . I saw La Bosch dancing Myrtha to Alicia's Multiple GISELLE in 1991. She drew gasps from the audience from the moment she came out and received a standing ovation at the end of her last variation and final coda with the electrifying Fae entrechat six. I have NEVER seen a Myrtha that equals hers.

Not many clips are available. If I find some others, I will post them later on. We love you, Queen of Willis.

Aurora Bosh as Odile, Act III SL.

Dancing Myrtha's entrance in Giselle Act II, 1991

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Any other memories of Ms. Bosch's dancing? Based on the 2 clips posted by Cristian, she certainly appears to have been a most individual dancer and rather hard to forget.

My memories of Miss Bosch are a little fussy...but what I DO remember is her Odile...God...was she EVIL!!!

On the contrary, she struggled to deliver Odette...Also, her looooooong, long legs.

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