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Béjart program

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Yesterday the POB opened its all-Béjart program and France 2 news is already reporting on it today. Nice turnover. The report includes comments from Jérémie Bélingard and Benjamin Pech. Skip ahead to 32 minutes past the hour. The menu on the right doesn't seem to be synchronized correctly, so click on the preceding segment.


Or, since these clips tend to disappear after a week, try this link.

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Thanks for the link.

I loved, loved seeing that clip (BTW, there is an index scrollable menu on the right so you can go directly to this spot in the broadcast).

We rarely get to see Bejart here in Seattle (or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough :) ). Frankly, I'm a bit of a neo-classical snob, so I'm not usually crazy about much of the modern I see here (usually at the University of Washington). But THIS....this Bejart....I was hooked by the first 5 notes of Stavinsky's unforgetable music in the news clip. I loved the "eagle wings" motif of some of the men's arm movements. God, I'd love to see this "Rite of Spring" (I have no French to say it properly.)

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