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Hugh Laing as Romeo

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this scan of a signed and dated (1947), but, otherwise, unidentified photo of Hugh Laing, shows the dancer as Romeo in Ballet Theatre's production of Antony Tudor's ROMEO AND JULIET.

it often seems, perhaps more so than many other examples of dancers in various ballets, that Tudor's dancers made a point of posing in studio settings with specific reference to the roles for which they are costumed.

here are the credits for the ballet itself:

Romeo and Juliet : Narrative ballet in one act, based on Shakespeare's play. Chor: Antony Tudor; mus: Frederick Delius (A walk to paradise garden from A village Romeo and Juliet, Eventyr, Over the hills and far away, Brigg fair, arr. by Antal Dorati); scen & cos: Eugene Berman. First perf: (incomplete): New York, Metropolitan Opera, Apr 6, 1943, Ballet Theatre. First perf (complete): Apr 10, 1943.//Revival: Stockholm, Royal Opera House, Dec 30, 1962, Royal Swedish Ballet.//Revival: New York, New York State Theatre, July 22, 1971, American Ballet Theatre; scen & cos: Eugene Berman; lighting: Nananne Porcher.


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