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Garrett Anderson and Courtney Wright

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Husband and wife Garrett Anderson and Courtney Wright, lately of San Francisco Ballet, have joined The Royal Ballet of Flanders as First Soloist and Soloist, respectively (at SFB Anderson was a soloist and Wright was in the corps de ballet). Here's the link: http://www.koninklijkballetvanvlaanderen.be/Site/dancers.htm

I had heard rumors of the move earlier in the summer but was unable to find any confirmation. This looks like a promotion for both of them; as a fan I couldn't be happier for their success, though they'll be missed here in San Francisco.

RBF performs a mixture of classical and contemporary works, much like SFB. Here's hoping both dancers have a chance to shine, especially Wright, who sometimes performed soloist roles with technical assurance and great charm. Congratulations to both. :thumbsup:

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