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La Fille Mal Gardee

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ABT did a wonderful production of La Fille... in 2003(or 2002?) and i often wondered why they have not done it again.I remember it getting very good notices at that time .I wish they would revive it in the 2008 season at the Met. Herman and Sarah would be perfect in the main roles. :beg::beg:

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i just wonder if it's the age-old problem of bringing in a public. there was, i believe, an earlier thread on this, topic and this title.

once they see it, one hears, the unfamiliar public comes away very pleased, but getting these individuals to buy tickets in advance has been the task the co. has yet to solve.

when ABT did Nijinska's version it tried calling the production NAUGHTY LISETTE - tho' i hardly see this as becoming a 'brand-name'/'name recognition' title, and i gather it didn't help much w/ box-office familiarity.

it's one of those problems that seems to be as old as presenting the ballet in the US.

LA FILLE MAL GARDEE just hasn't 'stuck' as a title with the public and seems to be an uphill battle each season it's in rep. to 're-sell'.

none of this, however, is official feedback from the co. but rather my own observations.

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