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Does anybody know this? Because I just watched it, and found it a pure delight. That this isn't incredibly popular must be because Oberon is a countertenor, but his music is also some of the most charming. Now, this is the funniest version of the play I know, and the music enhances in the most aggressive way all the comedic aspects--and the best are without question Oberon and Titania, although there is some very funny stuff with the carnies in the Pyramus/Thisbe at the end. Oberon singing about how the juice will cause 'hateful fantasies' is much funnier when sung to funny music than when just spoken, and Titania's lovemaking with Bottom is hilarious, Ileana Cotrubas has not only a wonderful voice but a face so expressive of such zaniness that I was laughing constantly in a way I don't remember for an opera. The divine countertenor in this gorgeous production is James Bowman.

I'd love to hear reports of anyone who's been to a performance at Glyndebourne. It seems utterly enchanting, if this is representative of the quality. Stunning sets. I've never heard people talk about this, though, and it must not be performed that often. Well, I would love to see this live, but I imagine Glyndebourne is the very best place to see it.

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