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NYC Ballet Programs, Souvenir Books, etc.

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I will be travelling to New York soon and I am looking for any book stores which sell NYC Ballet Programs from the 1950s/1960s. I remember the Ballet Store or Shop near Lincoln Center which closed years ago and I could kick myself for not buying the programs that I saw when the shop was still open. Are there used or antiquarian booksellers in New York who sell programs? (pardon my ignorance on this issue). I know they exist online but it is difficult to assess what one is buying...

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


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the NYCB book/gift bar set up on the new york state theater's promenade level includes back issues of magazines, books and house programs. i don't think these things are taken to the summer season in saratoga springs. the current NYCB season ends this sun. jun. 29.

if you do find items like these on-line, such as on ebay, for example, my sense is that the sellers' all offer 'ask me a question' options so if the scans you see don't tell you enough you can send specific questions.

i sense that most memorabilia sellers are now on-line.

if you find any there, you might also find there is also a physical-plant/store you might visit.

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