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Early Joffrey Dancers

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In response to dirac's post of Cicely Nichols' recent obituary, Ms. Nichols' daughter, Christy Speicher, sent us this photo.

The accompanying note reads:

Dirac on your forum recently posted my mom, Cicely Nichols, obit from the villager. I thought you all would like this picture of Mom with Bob Joffrey back when they were both very young and Joffrey was just starting out. This was taken in Seattle, Please see attached photo and photo ID so you can see who is who. Thank you,
Christy Speicher

Ms. Speicher, you have our deepest condolences on your loss and our gratitude for this important piece of ballet history.

For viewing convenience, the note on the back reads:

Dinner at Coby's

Front Row, l-r: Sandra Northrop, Gail Boden, Diane Lembo, Barbara Culbertson, Carolyn (Okada) Coby Larsen

2nd Row: Darrell Henline, Jerry Cohn, Gerry Arpino, Bob Joeffrey [sic]

3rd Row: Bob Bull, Cicely Nichols, Mike Sears

Back Row: Marty Buckner, Frank Larsen

Bob Goleeke took the photo.



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