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Jackson Ballet/Mississippi Coast Ballet archives?

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I am hoping to find anyone connected with these (former) companies. Do either still exist?

I am looking for information regarding the presentation of a performance with Peter Martins and Mikhail Baryshnikov in 1979. I am hoping to find someone with an old program, from which I may extract information for research I am currently doing. The piece I am looking for info. on was titled "Suite from Chopin Dances" (most likely a mixture of solos and pas de deux from "Dances at a Gathering" and "Other Dances"). If anyone has any info. on where/when, or what choreography was featured, please email me. Thanks!


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i'm not sure what toured as "Suite from Chopin Dances" but the following is something that Robbins put together for Baryshnikov when he was featured, with either P. McBride or H.Watts in BARYSHNIKOV AT THE WHITE HOUSE on television in 1979. if mem. serves this combination of dances from DANCES AND A GATHERING and OTHER DANCERS plus an additional, 'original' dance by robbins to more chopin, was also shown on a touring circuit w/ baryshnikov and g.kirkland - there's a fuzzy telecast of it floating around.

here, in any case, is how the n.y.p.lib. for the perf. arts catalogues the work as first seen on BARYSHNIKOV AT THE WHITE HOUSE:

Three Chopin dances - Chor: Jerome Robbins; mus: Frédéric Chopin; cos: Santo Loquasto. First dance (opening pas de deux, mazurka op. 17, no 4) from Other dances first performed at the Met, New York, May 9, 1976; second dance (solo) from Dances at a gathering, first performed at the New York State Theater, May 8, 1969; third dance (solo and pas de deux) premiered at the White House, Washington D.C., Feb 25, 1979.

the DANCES AT A GATHERING solo for the ballerina is the one robbins originally made for v.verdy.

the final mix of solo (for baryshnikov) and pas de deux (for baryshnikov and mcbride) was announced on the telecast as a world premiere.

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Hi Victor -

I am currently the director of Ballet Mississippi in Jackson. It is a school with a performing ensemble (youth ballet). Ballet MS was the result of a merger of the Jackson Ballet (which I grew up in) and Mississippi Ballet Theatre in 1983. I was at SAB when Peter Martins, Heather Watts, Baryshnikov performed in Jackson.

I'll be happy to see if I can located from the supporters here any information you might want or need.


David Keary

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