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There has been a whole revival of popular dance which is manifest in a host of television competition shows. I believe even some ballet and modern dancers may even compete in some of these shows.

There is a place for competition in anything that can be measured. When a company needs to fill a part, it might have some sort of competition to see who has the best qualities for the slot... whatever they may be. So this could include the one who has the best extension or the best leaps or whatever.

But in the end, ballet is not about competition, but about art and other things esoteric... not winning.

Do you think that using the competition meme, to get people more interested in dance in general, and especially on TV is a good thing?

Even figure skating seems to have (d)evolved into mostly a competitive sport and less of "dance" on ice skates.

Is the focus on competitions a good thing? (Martha Stewart may comment too)

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I don't like ballet competitions. In fact, I just about hate them.

They encourage Wretched Excess, with women doing triple and more fouettés, and men doing triple tours en l'air and braces of entrechats-huits, and other acrobatics of dubious utility to the art.

Now, if the selection choices were limited to legato variations, it might be a revealing exercise in exposing technical expertise, or other.

Now, other forms? Knock yourself out.

Are there Modern competitions?

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