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Happy birthday Cuban National Ballet !

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31 October, 2007

Cuban National Ballet Celebrating 60th Anniversary :blink:

A special celebration was held on Sunday presided by Cuban Minister of Culture Abel Prieto to mark the anniversary of one of the world’s leading ballet companies. During the ceremony, prima ballerina Barbara Garcia and lead dancer Victor Gili were presented with the Alejo Carpentier Awardl, granted by the Cuban Council of State, and a group of 13 artists and specialists from the BNC received the National Culture Award, conferred by the ministry of Culture.

In just over 20 years of her artistic career, Garcia has successfully interpreted most of the leading roles in the repertoire of classic and romantic ballet, leaving an imprint of the Cuban School of Ballet in the Monterrey Company and that directed by the Spanish master Victor Ullate. Gili has developed a brilliant professional career since his incorporation in the BNC in 1991, inspired in the example of his mother, the unforgettable prima ballerina Josefina Mendez, one of the "four jewels" of Cuban Ballet.

Among the activities planned to mark the founding of this beloved Cuban institution is a display at the National Library of a collection of books including a bibliographic compendium on Alicia Alonso and the BNC, and an exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts of artworks related to Alicia Alonso and dance.

The BNC was founded in Havana on October 28, 1948 under the name of Ballet de Alicia Alonso, and quickly became a center of creativity and innovation, laying the foundations to what would become known as the Cuban School of Ballet. (RC)


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