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Tonight there was the Grand Gala Homage to Roland Petit, also recipient of the "A life for Dance" Lifetime Achievment Award at the Carnival Center. I know that i won't probably have any other BT'rs fellow watchers from Miami to contribute, but at least i know that Roland Petit's choreographic works are familiar for some out there, so it would be interesting to know their opinions. For me, at least, it was a first, as i had seen only one work from him, years ago, when i didn't really know anything about his extensive choreographic career. Also, i just realized that "that" was a Petit's work when i saw it again tonight, and amazingly, danced by the same dancer whom i had seen it by the first time. So the program consisted of four works, all danced by the Roland Petit Ensemble, from France, from which Mr. Petit is the Artistic Director. This was the program order:

1-"The Opener". Choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Duke Ellington, Performed by Altan Dugaraa.

As soon as "The Opener" started, i inmediatly felt a sense of vaudeville/cabaret inspired atmosphere in this male solo ballet, danced to a jazzy vigorous music. It consisted in a non stopping series of classical steps mixed with modern dance and mime, all succesfully delivered in an almost agressively secure way by Mr. Dugaraa, a great performer. i loved it, so did the public.

2-"The Great Gig in the Sky", choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Pink Floyd, Performed by Raquel Lopez and Lienz Chang. I would like to really express all that i felt when saw Mr. Chang after more than 15 years since the last time that i saw him partnering Mme. Alonso :blushing: while he was Principal Dancer at Ballet Nacional de Cuba, when suddenly he dissapeared until now...but i won't, for respect to the dancer. I just want to observe that the picture was sad, and i was shocked...he was at the top back then, if anybody out there remembers him on the early 90's...There is still a video of him partnering a very young Viengsay Valdes (now first dancer at Ballet Nacional de Cuba).

3-"Je Cherche Apres Titine, Les Petits Chaussons", from the ballet "Charlot is dancing with us", choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Charles Chaplin, Performed by Luigi Bonino.

It was a delightful small piece danced by Luigi Bonino, a senior member of this ensemble (whom i remember from a Festival back in Havana in 2000) in which he portrays Charles Chaplin and his famous moves from his films. Tastefully delivered.

4-"Ma Pavlova". choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Jules Massenet, Performed by Eva Crevillen and Lienz Chang. Another piece for two that left me thinking again how cruel the balletomane eye can be related with the dancer's figure and body..Could have been a good piece in another choice of dancers.

5-"Run Like Hell", Choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Pink Floyd, Performed by Altan Dugaraa. Another technical display by this excelent dancer with gymnastic-like qualities, again mixed with classical pirouettes, jetes and even some kind of tribal dancing...short, intense,interesting and worth to see.

5-"Cheek to cheek". Choreography by Roland Petit, Music by Irving Berlin, Performed by Luigi Bonino and Raquel Lopez. A lovely piece for two that i recalled seeing performed by Mr. Bonino and Mme. Loipa Araujo, one of the "4 jewels" of the Ballet nacional de Cuba , in Havana in 2000. It tells the story of two mature lovers going on a date, in which they dance around and over the table...very cute and lovely delivered.

Does any or this works rings a bell?

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