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The 1894 Ivanov/Legnani production...

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According to some writings, prior to the 1895 Petipa/Ivanov/Drigo's modified version, there was a production of the ballet dated february 17 and 22 1894. Now, according to some sources, it was only the 2nd Act, staged by Ivanov, what was presented, while other authors refer to this production as the first one in where Pierina Legnani did the first 32 fouetees ever done in a Swan Lake. Furthermore, some books even refer to her performance in the "Grand Pas of the last Act" and her "great technique in the Grand Pas d'Action of the II Act" , so that would be a discrepancy. My question: DOES ANYBODY KNOWS IF THERE IS ANY FACTUAL EVIDENCE OF WHAT WAS PRESENTED IN THIS PRE 1895 PRODUCTION, AND IF THIS PRODUCTION WAS ONLY OF THE II ACT, WHERE DID LEGNANI PERFORMED THE 32 FOUETEES?, AND THEN IF THIS 1894 PRODUCTION INCLUDED ACT III , AND THE NEW INTERPOLATIONS AND SUBSTITUIONS DIDN'T OCCUR UNTIL JANUARY 1895, WHAT MUSIC DID LEGNANI DANCED TO, THE MINKUS/THAIKOWSKY/PETIPA/SOBESHCHANSKAYA PDD (TPDD) ? :dunno:

MEL...PLEEEASE... :beg:


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