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International Day of Dance

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At least in Europe today has been proclaimed International Day of Dance. Well, now it is past midnight here so it was yesterday.

Swedish TV really outdid themselves for a change and sent "Jewels" - all three parts, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds. The work was danced by the Paris Opera Ballet and it was absolutely marvelous. I have never seen even short bits of Jewels before so I have nothing to compare with, but I was stunned.

It would be nice to hear from you who have seen both the original American versions with the NYCB and the Paris version. How do they compare? :dry::clapping::clapping:

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I suppose this is what Balanchine meant when he said his ballets would look different after he was gone. I am glad that you saw the complete ballet, Pamela---I guess from my perspective it was better than not seeing it. If you really want to see what 'Diamonds' should look like, you can still find a copy of Farrell's performance at Amazon.

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Thanks, Bart, for making me aware of that thread. I have seen it briefly long ago - now I read all 11 pages of it. Well, cant have much of an opinion here now, can I? As I have never seen the original, I did on the one hand agree with some of the posters on some details, but I still remain very impressed. Can just imagine the original live, good Lord - yet, this POB offering will be a very treasured item in my DVD collection.

I really do think that this is a work that will survive for as long as there is ballet. (That cant be said about a lot of what we are treated to today :thumbsup: )

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