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Drigo's Les Millions d'Arlequin Ballet

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Can anyone tell me if there is, or ever was, a recording of Drigo's Les Millions d'Arlequin ballet? I have read how successful this ballet was in Imperial Russia as well as the great success it enjoyed when Balanchine revived it for NYCB (under the name Harliquinade). I'm surprised that I cannot find any recording of it. Any ideas? Thank you.

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i know of no recording of this drigo composition on CD.

there are no dvd releases of the ballet either.

(in the late 70s the BBC telecast a triple bill from the maly theater in leningrad, one of the ballets telecast then was HARLEQUINADE in pytor gusev's staging, but this has not been released to the best of my knowledge.)

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The only bits I can think of that have been released are a couple of pieces on ballet class recordings, I think the "Pas des Alouettes", and the Polonaise which opens Act II. But these are long out of print. The other part that I can recall is the music the Legat Bros. appropriated from the ballet to call "The Fairy Doll" and swore the music was by Joseph Bayer. No way!

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the fairy doll trio is def. drigo - the original prog. lists it as such, if mem. serves, but i don't think it's from HARLEQUINADE, or at least not from the Harlequinade music as it has come to us in gusev's and balachine's versions.

the legat FAIRY DOLL also interpolated musc by the following composers into 1903 work: tchaikovsky, gottschalk, liadow, and rubinstein.

drigo is credited with the music for both the "Farncaise" variation and the Pas de Trois.

it would seem to be only the careless soviet and later stagers who keep claiming bayer for the PdT.

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the legat version of puppenfee was based on the viennese austrian staging, w/ changes as indicated above.

mel brought up the fairy doll trio often carelessly given in soviet/russian programs as having music by bayer, which it doesn't. it's by drigo. [see above]

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