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Beth Dean


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We have received a query from an author seeking information about or leading to contact with Beth Dean.

I have been working on a book for the last three years, about my Aunt's time spent on the Daly River in the Northern Territory in Australia in the early 1950's Beth Dean and Victor Carell spent time with my aunt and uncle stationed and in charge of the Police Station on the river.

My question is can anyone tell me if Beth Dean or Victor Carell are still alive and if so how one could contact either as my Aunt is now in her 90's and in good health and as part of my research for the book I have been able to put my Aunt in contact with many of the people who spent time with them. My Aunt and Uncle (Myra and John Lear), are featured in Beth's book Dust for the Dancers. any help would be appreciated.

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Beth Dean was a very famous dancer born in 1918, in Denver,Colorado. She was in Annie get your gun, was also famous for the choreography of Corroboree a dance work to the score of John Antill, she went on to create a number of works for the early days of television. Dean and Carell went on to a number of major projects including the Mexico Cultural Olympics where she taught indigenous dance, on of the more famous was Kukaitcha as part of the ballet of the five continents.

She was also dance critic for The Sydney Morning Herald and went on to be the Australian correspondent for the American Monthly publication Dance magazine.

Anyone who can provide leads, please contact Charmaine: chaprice@tpg.com.au

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