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Ballets Russes


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For those of you who attended the Portland premier of the movie Ballets Russes this past January, you will be happy to know that the dvd has been released. I'm sure it is available at your favorite vendor's website. Some of you may wonder why a post about a dvd release of a ballet movie is appropriate for this site. I'll try and answer...

During the Portland showing of Ballets Russes the movie makers were present one evening for Q&A along with a technical advisor, OBT's Artistic Director Christopher Stowell. Some of the old film used in the movie did not have a front or back label and in fact could be put into the projector both ways. This means that you could run the film showing a dancer entering stage right, flip the film around and show the dancer entering stage left. The film makers relied on Christopher to advise them about the staging for dances so they could get historical film footage accurate.

I certainly recommend the film which I found to be very enlightening and educational. There is a lot of information presented in the file which took away from any emotional impact it might have made on me. But see for yourselves, visit the official website for Ballet Russe .

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